Behind the Window Glass

Art by Claire Kayser “ Red Booth”

Across the oblique road corner from where I was placed on the diner seat, suffocating in the spiciness of the meal,
I jerked my hand to someone outside the window glass,
Thinking it was you!
All I wanted you to know is that I was still there, in case you were able to make it today before Sunday!
I fell captive in a momentary urge that caught me in the most unprolific substantial tendency of waving my hand to someone I thought I knew.
I assume Halloween was still predominant in the air; playing tricks on the mind.
But she looked like you; the width of shoulders and hair, with almost the same face.
I whispered words to myself, that only I could hear.
I think she knew I was mistaken, but I was still excited to see her!
She left with someone else, the last thing I saw was a little smile in her eyes… she grew further and further away, but your spirit was still all around me.

Written by Farah A.Y