Clocks Have Limbs Too -Tanka

Time is probably the only real and unreal thing! Tanka: Similar to clocks!We abide to nature’s laws;Timeless gravityOur free Limbs are synergic;Walking earth or devouring!

The Great Conjunction— Jupiter and Saturn.

Although the year 2020 is history in itself; a year packed with dramatic events and shifts to our collective consciousness, making the past seem so foreign, as if from a whole other forgotten dimension. In the process, existential values have been honed, gratefulness has become our inner solace, and inner discovery allowed us to see […]


Integrity and patience are the means by which awaited revelations are given. Through integrity;the veil of torment revealspatience is virtue.


How beautifully a sky of dawn alternates between shades of light in a matter of seconds. In a sky of dawnLast night’s convoluted plots All became lucid.


To that powerful, quenching sensation in the heart each time love and/or compassion knocks at its door—the feeling of empathy. Like a rushed cascadeSubmerging chest’s ground with warmth;Pulsating heart veins


The Magic of a Winter’s Atmosphere Winter’s atmosphereIlluminates the soul’s eyes;Intense and bright huesOf such calm seasonal faceA Mystical feel to life. The Cycle of Life The start or the endOh how a lot of them are!A constant rebirth;For all things like: birth and deathThe natural cycle of soul Flowers Dance with the Wind What […]

The Two Faces of a Coin; Love and Relationship.

A healthy relationship, according to my own definition is that which does not feel like the involved people are operating from their “shadow fronts” rather than from their “authentic fronts”. In other words, those who are self-aware rather than self-conscious. Who still do their best, without coming off insensitive. Who have a healthy moral compass. […]

Modern Crowdedness

Falling into the spiraling loop of nostalgia is like getting no where in actual reality. I realized the burden of the modern world when I saw photos and heard songs of people along the timeline of the past 30 years or so. These were school-year photos; old schools with children dressed in memorable school uniforms—which […]

The Golden Yellow

Apples make a great source of vital nutrients. Not only do apples taste delicious, but they also come in a variety of flavors, shades, and colours. Ranging from shades of green, light to dark yellow, pink and all the way to dark red. As for their flavors: very sour to very sweet. The importance of […]

Night Dream World

What a dream, I saw my past packed in one stream Of flooding memories that were left untouched Always left at the same place where my fragmented pieces were for them to deem In my sleep I have the key to access those memories Where I still have questions unanswered, with pains that were destined […]


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