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A World For The Written Word

Are you intrigued by the art of using words such as poetry?

Do you find satisfaction in decoding meaning from phrases and metaphors in literary works?

Are you fascinated by the power that words have over your life?

Words are unlike numbers; they have tongues!

Although words have similar qualities to numbers; as words follow certain laws and word count; there is a lot of freedom words can bestow upon us for our love for word play!

Words give us a limitless space to maneuver.When our senses are engaged in the process of surrendering to the vulnerability in opening up our hearts. And to what nourishes our soul, sending us into a state of tranquility.

The mind loves to question everything; as curiosity is natural to the quality of thinking. Hence, the mind’s need for learning and expanding is primarily done through words: spoken, written, or by the mere sense of touch.

The instrument of words is used in a variety of ways and methods. It is everywhere we see, adding meaning to our lives. And providing us with the ability to identify with sentiments, as well as with people, places, objects, events, and with all beings, including ourselves.

Literature is the study of the human condition, of the impactful experiences of people, whether real or imagined, are all products of the human state of mind and emotion. Literature engages all of our shared experiences in written books, poetry, scripts, and journalism. It is literally, all around us; thus innately within us.

I believe that everything has began with a word, as words have the power to build, break, or amend. And history is history because it has been documented, our stories are real because they happened. Our imagination is creative because we can put it down onto paper, or speak about it to others.

The world of text is essential to our creative force.

We learn what gives meaning to our lives and in return we want to share our knowledge, experience, and love with those around us.

Beauty is all around us, it is our salvation from the difficult spirals that one may endure throughout their life. Beauty is hopeful, authentic, and is felt with the heart. Beauty is the universe’s language given to our senses, to feel alive and to be grateful for being guests on this planet. Allowing our emotions to intertwine with our surroundings, and sometimes allowing our imaginations to create a world of our own making.

I have created this website to share my poems and some of my literary works.

Feel free to follow my website! I am looking forward to you!