The Great Conjunction— Jupiter and Saturn.

Photo credit: Paula Fonsesca

Although the year 2020 is history in itself; a year packed with dramatic events and shifts to our collective consciousness, making the past seem so foreign, as if from a whole other forgotten dimension.

In the process, existential values have been honed, gratefulness has become our inner solace, and inner discovery allowed us to see beyond ourselves—in this case, a celestial world celebrating the new era of our time.
A unique celebration of two planets conjunction—Saturn and Jupiter; the Great conjunction in the age of Aquarius. Ornamenting the sky like a pair of cherries— the closest they have been so far.

And since double cherries grow under a lot of stress; due to cherry trees being under tough conditions—from early exposure to heat, to being less exposed to water. Similar to the stressful year of 2020, yet resulting with a fruitful delicacy of taste and appearance seen in a unique Celestial communication over the darkened Earth sky.


It has been a year—
Of dramatic shift to life
Like a birthday cake;
Over baked under high heat
Then topped with sweet cherry pair.


8 thoughts on “The Great Conjunction— Jupiter and Saturn.

  1. I am so glad that you are back, Farah, I wanted to check on you but you wrote before that you are working on the book, and I didn’t wish to interrupt you. The Jupiter and Saturn merger was on the Winter Solstice but we didn’t have a clear sky, there is another chance to see it this Christmas Eve night,
    Thank you,


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    • Hello Joanna! How lovely to see your message! Thank you for your understanding, I was indeed very busy, but I’m very happy to be back again, and to find you!

      Saturn and Jupiter appearance would be great for a Christmas Eve night!❤️

      Have a great day!


  2. Thank you, Dear Farah. Is there any progress with your book publishing?
    If you need any support, like writing to a publisher, presumably in Kuwait, please just say so, and I will do it in a heartbeat.


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  3. Thank you dearly Joanna, that would be great, I truly appreciate your support and it means a lot. I will be outside Kuwait soon, but I will definitely let you know when I’m ready in the future. Thank you so much again❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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