The Flying Saucer

I wonder what goes inside a flying saucer…
I doubt it’s all just mere buttons to press..
What if it’s led, from a distance far ahead?
Like an eye flying over our heads..

Scanning our thoughts like a needle, whose eye is accessed with a thread
For our earth is diverse and not feeble
Which inspires distant worlds to infest

And our oceans are rich with information
Which may be clues from those guests
Are they around us, but invisible to see?
Living among us, in an indulgent of spree?

They could be within us, but who knows who they may be
As we all are but visitors on this planet of the sea
Yet there will always be an opportunity
To dive more into a celestial foresee

Poetry by Farah A.Y


3 thoughts on “The Flying Saucer

  1. Goodness, Farah, how perceptive and interesting your writing/poems are. I love it because I wrote in one of my posts about ‘primeval soup’ from which everything at a certain point crawled out. And I have this odd feeling that Mars is our Motherland, of course, so far not quite supported by the science of today. Cannot wait for more of your poetry. Thank you.



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  2. Thank you with all my heart for your kind and gentle words! And yes, I do agree with you on the initial start of life which had happened in space; with Mars and Venus being the parents of our lovely earth, and the sun being the god (the source) of life, and the other planets are the siblings of and/or the relatives to planet earth. You have inspired me with your insights, and it really makes sense that everything has crawled out from the primeval soup. It is in fact, true.❤️
    Lots of love!


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