The Swiss Alps Top

A Journey of awe and Beauty

Sweet water, pure as snow
Streamed lovingly, in a flow
The light wind, in the thaw
Mirror, mirror placed below
The Alps, the rocks all aglow
The face of sky brings to awe
Reflected in a see-through view
By the side of happy yarrow
A secret place of love and grace
An earthly top yet not in space
More than beauty to embrace
As one may not haste their pace
When water is there to trace

Poem By: Farah A.Y

In the summer of 2016, Above the Swiss alps, BENEATH the clouds, surrounded by green grass, with an air of fresh dew. the sound of breeze had a ring, from the jiggling cows that walked the Alps with such glee and ease

And the pond reflected its CONCEALED peace, in stillness it was alone, yet with so much beauty and grace


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